BDSM Self-test

== Results from ==
100% Exhibitionist
100% Primal (Prey)
100% Masochist
100% Ageplayer
100% Degrader
100% Degradee
100% Voyeur
100% Rigger
100% Sadist
100% Rope bunny
100% Daddy/Mommy
100% Experimentalist
100% Primal (Hunter)
100% Non-monogamist
97% Brat
97% Brat tamer
96% Dominant
93% Master/Mistress
93% Owner
83% Pet
77% Submissive
59% Switch
50% Slave
24% Vanilla
17% Boy/Girl

Metro Vancouver Models and Photographers

Welcome to our Home Page. I began Metro Vancouver Models and Photographers about seven years ago as a Facebook Page, and extended it to Facebook Groups about four years ago. Today I am expanding to a stand alone web page to cover the models and photographers who have graced my pages on Facebook over the years.

These pages have content that wouldn’t necessarily be acceptable on Facebook because they may violate the Community Standards of Facebook. We serve different audiences, but if you aren’t of legal age in your jurisdiction, or if nudes offend you in any way, then I ask that you turn to another website and enjoyment.

Sienna Hayes

Sienna is the kind of girl you never forget, not because she is beautiful, and she is all that, for sure. You never forget her because she is impenetrable in her heart and mind, there is more to her than can be known by any photographer. All of the wonderful images of her, taken by all the photographers who have had the privilege of doing a photo session with her, have failed to capture the true sublimity of Sienna’s true beauty.